On -grid (the most common installations)

PV panel – inverter (optionally battery storage) – public grid

- the most of solar energy is available in the morning and midday when no one is home so it is worth feed energy in storage system or transfer it to hot water
- priority adjustment in such a system is absolutely important to utilize solar energy in optimal way
- DC/AC inverter is connected and synchronized with public grid
- sometimes, there are complicated legislative requirements which must be considered due to the grid connection
- legislative can differ from provider to provider


Hybrid (most effective utilization of solar power)

PV panel – solar regulator – battery – inverter – public grid -- (optionally alternative source)

- prior use of energy for dirrect consumption
- excess of energy is transfered to battery storage system 

- energy is drawn from battery later, at night e.g.
- may or may not be connected and synchronized with public grid
- grid can be alternative source only, galvanically disconnected from consumption side

Off-grid (independet system without possibility to connect public grid)

Heating water -  direct trasfer of electricity to hot water in many different ways